• “As a person with medical issues, my Thai Therapy sessions have been very therapeutic.  I feel both a physical and mental well-being after each session. It is both relaxing and energizing and my flexibility/strength has improved greatly. Because of my condition, traditional yoga poses are out of the question. However, Elaina is able to move my legs into positions I would never be able to do myself.  She has also taught me deep breathing exercises that has alleviated any stress I am feeling. I have also noted on the day that I receive Thai therapy, I get the most relaxing peaceful night of sleep. I would highly recommend Thai Therapy as it is healing to both the mind and body. Elaina is an excellent practitioner and is very caring and compassionate. Neal also verbally noted that his sciatica has diminished by 95%.” -Neal, Mooresville, NC.


  • “A Thai session from Elaina is an amazing experience that did revive me and gave me more energy, she has great talent and an intuition in to knowing what I needed.” -Peter, Davidson, NC.


  • “Elaina is the best! In one session she knocked out a migraine that I had for weeks! You will not find a more talented and knowledgeable person when it comes to Thai massage.” -Jenna, South Charlotte, NC.


  • “Elaina was very professional during my Thai session. She is a natural healer, as her Thai immediately alleviated my chronic pain, which could not be helped by any other natural modality (such as Chiro., physical therapy, etc). The work on the gluteus really helped with the leg drag and severe pain from my pinched nerve. The entire session was relaxing.  The fact that the Thai session was so successful; I was able to refrain from taking my pain medication that night and the next day.” -Lauren, Charleston, SC.


  • “How you deal with life changing injuries defines who you are. Strength and courage only get you so far. It takes a team of amazing talents that care and enjoy their career. My biweekly workouts with Elaina Wagner over the past 2 years have made the difference in me being able to walk without pain or with pain. As a doctor, I must walk from patient to patient 360 times a week. Elaina is part of my team helping me put a broken calcaneous to rest. I believe whole heartedly in Elaina’s amazing sense of therapeutic touch and care. Her understanding and skills as a Yogi help her in her quest to be the ultimate Thai yoga & Thai foot reflexologist that she strives to be. I am blessed to have her committed to my success with as much dedication as I have in myself to walk freely and with ease.”Dr. Marc Allen of MAO Orthodontics, Huntersville, NC.